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The Mini Edit

We believe that "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver" (Proverbs 25:11). Well-written words have value, but we do not believe they should always come at a great expense. If editing services are outside of your budget, but you still desire to grow your writing, we would like to offer the following services:


The Mini Edit: $30

You will send me approximately 1,000 words of your writing, and I will critique this sample at the developmental and sentence level, giving an overview of your writing tendencies and issues. There will be comments on the sample itself, and a brief report of my findings.


The Outline Overview: $50

I can see “big picture” structural concerns and strengths from an outline or synopsis. I'll tell you what deserves a setting of silver, and what doesn't.

I will do both for $75.


  • Writer and work cannot directly disrespect our Statement of Faith (See our business name!)

  • Writer must attest to being unable to afford editing services (No proof needed and no specific parameters. You know your situation.)

  • Content must be your own, and must not be AI generated.

  • Writing Sample must not exceed 1,000 words (or the length of the first chapter if close to 1,000 words).

  • Outline/Synopsis must provide sufficient detail to help me see the structure and themes.

  • Perfection is not a requirement for these services. Don't overthink it!


Depending on the volume of requests and our current workload, these edits will take between one and three weeks to get back to you.


If you’re wondering why a professional editor would offer such a thing, see this blog post. Overall, I hope you will be blessed and come out of this more confident in the craft of writing!

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