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A Christian editor
for your
Christian work.


One unique aspect of my editing is my Theology Check. A Christian writer's goal should be for their work to glorify God above all else. There are many talented editors who could help your manuscript reach its potential with regard to writing, structure, and correctness. As a Christian editor, my job is to do all that and help your work fulfill its purpose in the kingdom of God. Every work that you intend to label as a Christian work will undergo this theological analysis.


The Theology Check:

  • Reviews Scripture in your book for precision, context, and copyright adherence

  • Catches biblical errors or misinterpretations

  • Helps strengthen arguments with biblical reasoning

  • Assures that your work will be suitable for a Christian audience

  • Sees that you do not offend other Christians without cause

Please note that I will not be checking for strict adherence to my Statement of Faith, though that is obviously my foundation. I will simply ensure that every claim you make can be substantiated with sound biblical reasoning.

On Adult Content 

It might surprise you to know that my Theology Check is not designed to help you stay G-rated. A lack of adult content does not a Christian book make. The inverse is also true. Adult content in a book does not automatically prevent it from being labeled as Christian. 


Here are my guidelines:

1. The level of offensive language, violence, sexual content, substance use/abuse, and other triggers must not exceed those of my standard for living and literature: The Holy Bible (Though I'd like to see you try!). 

2. The content must stay within the expectations of the intended audience for the genre (unless you can justify pushing boundaries).

3. A Christian work containing adult content must ultimately glorify God, not the content.

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