We are currently accepting submissions in the following genres:


  • Christian Fiction in any sub-genre (romance, action, etc.)

  • Christian Non-Fiction in any sub-genre (marriage, parenting, devotionals, etc.)

  • Christian Children's Books 



Please take a minute to read through the standards on this page before you submit a book using the form below.


Standards of Settings Christian Publishing, LLC

To be published by Settings Christian Publishing, LLC, a work must be considered Christian Literature, be written by an unashamed Christian Author, and contain the truth.

The Truth See our Statement of Faith

Christian Authors are representatives of the Christian Faith. To be qualified for the title of Christian Author with Settings, you must:

  • Have read through the entire Bible at least once. No exceptions. If you have not read the guidebook, you are unqualified to comment with further writings.

  • Be saved by God’s grace through the cross of Jesus Christ

  • Be a person of integrity, with a lifestyle that reflects the heart of God.


Christian Literature must reflect and represent the heart of God and ultimately bring Him glory. Anyone reading a Christian work should have the assurance that they are being led to the truth.

  • It must contain the pure, unaltered truth provided by God in the Bible, even if the work is fiction, just as Jesus did when He spoke in parables.

  • The gospel message must be presented in every work, without fail, even if it is brief. Anyone who picks up your book should be able to successfully seek Jesus.


     The Theology Check We will test a book’s themes and truths against scripture. Any discrepancies will be communicated to the author, and if they are minor enough, a work may still be published after revision.

     Quality Standards A book may have perfect theology, but it may need more work before we’re willing to publish it. Please don’t worry if we don’t accept your manuscript based on quality. If God has given you something to say, it will get said when and how He wills.

Other Standards

     Sexual/Violent Content is present and abundant in the Bible, our model for Christian writings, therefore it is not to be omitted in every case. However, it always has a purpose in scripture. Such content in Christian Literature must not surpass  the level of that which is written in the Bible, and must not be written or explored without the ultimate purpose of glorifying a Holy God.

Note: Settings Christian Publishing, LLC is a newborn, tiny Indie publishing company that currently relies on print-on-demand services for warehousing and distribution. Your book will likely be available on all major platforms, but we offer no guarantees for who will choose to purchase or sell your book. Authors will be responsible for most of the marketing and sales efforts (this is often the case with big publishers too), though we will implement a few tips and tricks to help you out.