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For Precision
 Copyeditor, Proofreader, Theology Checks

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For Purpose
Book Coach,
Developmental Editor,
Line Editor, Book Designer

Christian editors
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precision and purpose

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Precision and Purpose

It is the heart of most editors to assist an author in refining their work to reach its potential. However, each type of editing requires a different skill set and mindset. A developmental editor considers the big picture, and will not rest until a character arc is authentic or a theme is carried through to reach its purpose. A copyeditor is detail-oriented and is grieved by each spelling error and mechanical inconsistency, striving for precision throughout the work. There is certainly some crossover among all levels, but each editor will excel in one area or another.


Our relationship began in high school. We were both good students and appreciated the other's proper spelling, but RJ helped Rebekah pass science, and Rebekah aided RJ's creativity in English. Since God gifted each of us uniquely, we have decided to join forces in editing the way that we did in life. The marriage of precision and purpose will make sure your words are

fitly spoken.

Meet Pastor RJ

I spent seventeen years in the automotive field, and the past five of those years, I have been a bi-vocational pastor. In one vocation, I diagnosed and repaired mechanical issues. I was always the kid (and adult) who took things apart to see how they worked and how they could be fixed. My approach to God's Word has always been the same; seeking out historical facts, consistency, logic, and steadfast righteousness. I have little patience for false teaching that has no biblical basis, and I am the kind of guy who writes publishers of the Bible if (when) I find an error. 

I enjoy digging deeper into the things of God through His Word, commentaries, and other resources. I will teach and disciple anyone who will listen. ​When I combined my mechanical skills and my love for the written word, I discovered that I could improve Christian works through copyediting, proofreading

In addition to my Associate of Science, I completed School of Discipleship and School of Ministry through Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs. These programs amount to three years of rigorous biblical study under the instruction of Doctors of Ministry. I am currently the youth pastor and assistant pastor at RMC's campus in eastern Colorado. 

RJ's Affiliations

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Meet Rebekah

I have been a published writer for over twenty years, with work traversing journalism, fiction books, nonfiction books, blogs, online devotionals, social media, poetry, songs, short-form creative nonfiction, and homeschool curriculum. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Adams State College (University) and a Master of Arts in Composition & Rhetoric (Graduate with High Distinction) from Liberty University.


I crave excellence, eloquence, and biblical accuracy, and I will challenge any writer to pursue the same. But I also have the creative soul of a writer, so I am more than just the wielder of a harsh red pen. I am a patient writing coach with a deep respect for your voice, dialect, and style. I specialize in developmental editing, line editing, and book design. 


I am a pastor's wife and "lay theologian" who is a lifelong follower of Christ, and I do not remember a time when I did not pant for God's truth and ache when God is misrepresented. I have been a dedicated student of the Bible and the Holy Spirit for decades. One of my favorite ways to serve God is by homeschooling our three children.

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