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Meet Rebekah


Rebekah has been a published writer for over twenty years, with work traversing journalism, fiction books, nonfiction books, blogs, online devotionals, social media, poetry, songs, short-form creative nonfiction, and homeschool curriculum. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Adams State College (University) and a Master of Arts in English Composition (Graduate with High Distinction) from Liberty University. Her acquired knowledge and her writer's soul have equipped her to become more than the wielder of a harsh red pen. She is a patient writing coach and cares about writers and the words they've been given, with deep respect for individual dialect and style. 


Apart from writing and editing, Rebekah is also a singer, a pastor's wife, a homeschool mom of three, and a joyful servant of Christ.

Theology Check Resources and Qualifications

Rebekah is a lay theologian who is a lifelong follower of Christ and has been a dedicated student of the Bible and the Holy Spirit for decades. She is a volunteer writer for Got Questions Ministries, regularly answering challenging theological questions for seekers across the globe. She often edits for pastors, ministers, and others with advanced degrees in biblical fields of study. For her Theology Check, she uses her accumulated Bible knowledge and numerous resources. These resources include bookshelves and databases of commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books. Occasionally, she will seek the expertise of her husband and business partner, RJ.


RJ has completed School of Discipleship and School of Ministry through Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs. These programs amount to three years of rigorous biblical study under the instruction of Doctors of Ministry. RJ is currently the youth pastor and assistant pastor at RMC's campus in eastern Colorado.

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