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Christian Editor?

What are your qualifications?

Besides being a published author, I hold a Master of Arts in English Composition, during which I studied rhetoric and composition, advanced English grammar, literary theory, research, editing, publishing, writing as cultural engagement, and creative writing (fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry). For more information, visit my bio.


What is the advantage of working with a Christian editor?

It is always best to work with an editor who specializes in your genre. An academic work needs an academic editor, a medical textbook needs an editor who specializes in medical editing, and so on. My area of expertise is bringing glory to the God who wrapped Himself in human flesh to rescue a lost and dying world from sin. If your project has the goal of glorifying Jesus Christ as Savior, let’s work together.

What type of Christian works can you edit?

I can work with pretty much anything, including academic works, fiction, nonfiction, and shorter works. 

What style guides do you use?

For most projects, I use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) and the Christian Writer's Manual of Style (CWMS) together. I am also experienced with APA and MLA. I have a shelf of the most recent versions of many style guides (MLA, AP, Strunk, Turabian, etc.). So, if your project requires a specific guide, let me know. Otherwise, I default to CMoS and CWMS.

Can you edit non-Christian works?

Yes. Despite there being many talented editors who specialize in your genre, I am qualified to edit almost anything. I prefer not to edit anti-Christian works, however. Well, I suppose I could. Just know that your Theology Check would be several pages long.


What is a Theology Check?

I explain that here.

My book contains some "content." Will you still work with me?

Content Guidelines for Christian works (these might surprise you):

1. The level of offensive language, violence, sexual content, substance use/abuse, and other triggers must not exceed those of my standard for living and literature: The Holy Bible. (Though, I'd like to see you try!)

2. The content must stay within the expectations of the intended audience for the genre.

3. A Christian work including any adult content must ultimately glorify God, not the content.



What level of editing does my project need?

I offer several editing services, and have summarized each to give you an idea of what each entails. However, to know exactly what your project needs, I would need to do a Manuscript Evaluation. Sometimes levels are combined on your handcrafted proposal, and sometimes you will be surprised by what your work does or does not require. Your work and God's purpose for it are unique, and I have chosen to work from that premise.


Are there services you do NOT offer?

There are certain services (such as proofreading and some copyediting) and some genres (such as erotica) that may not be a good fit for my areas of expertise. However, I have contacts in the editing world, and do not mind pointing you in the direction of someone who can take on your project.

Do you offer free sample edits?

No. However, a Manuscript Evaluation provides valuable information that a sample edit will not, and the fee is applied to subsequent services for that project.

Your business has "publishing" in the name. Can you publish my book?

My original business model was to function as a hybrid publisher, but God led me in the direction of editing services. I do still have publishing capabilities, and will consider publishing projects if they are a good fit. Publishing costs (including editing) are covered by the author, but you will keep most of your royalties.


Payment Information

Can you give me a ballpark figure of your rates?

My rates are based on published median industry rates, and proposals are created for your unique project and needs. I will usually require a Manuscript Evaluation so that I can provide an accurate quote for your project. Just like you would hope a surgeon does some imaging before grabbing a scalpel, I need to see the manuscript to know the scope, and thus the rate, of the work. However, for a ballpark figure, try my calculator. For median industry rates, see this chart: . 

What payment methods do you accept?

I usually take payments through Honeybook, which is the business management platform I use. They take all major credit cards and bank transfers. I will also take other methods, such as PayPal, Venmo, or even checks if necessary or preferred.


Where do I find my word count?

In a Microsoft Word document, your word count will be in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.

How do I send my document?

I will usually send you a link to upload your file(s) to your portal on Honeybook. Or, if you prefer, you may attach your file(s) to an email. Either way is fine!

What file format do you prefer?

I edit documents in Microsoft Word (.docx).



Can I call you?

I do not take phone calls or give out my phone number. I like to have a written record of every communication so that I can refer back to it as needed. It keeps everyone honest and on the same page.

Will you charge me if I have questions about my edit and want to send you an email?

Never. We are working together on your project. For me, questions and clarifications are part of that process. Please email me before, during, and after your edit. You’re not bugging me. It isn’t a silly question. Send the email. It’s included and encouraged.

Do you use service contracts?

Yes! All parties will sign a contract that includes payment terms, estimated timeline, the scope of the work, and other important information.


Are you available to edit my work immediately?

That depends. Sometimes I have immediate availability, and sometimes I am scheduled out for months. Sometimes I have gaps in my schedule that I can fill. However, I care about each client and their project, and will not abandon a current project in favor of a new one. I give each author the respect and focus that you’d like to have your project receive.

How long does editing take?

I usually have a timeline in mind when we sign a contract, but it is never a promise. Since I do schedule sometimes months in advance, I try to stick with my personal deadlines, but the quality of the work always takes precedence over the estimated timeline.


Additonal Questions

Can you guarantee my work will be published/sell?

No. Publisher preferences and demands are varied and fluid, and it is impossible to know what they will choose to publish. While I can give advice that will help you have a better shot at gaining the attention of publishers and readers, I can guarantee nothing. Many authors choose to self-publish, and I can also give you some advice regarding self-publishing. But readers are just as unpredictable. Sales are not guaranteed, even with the best writing and editing.

Didn’t see your question?

Email me! I absolutely love to get emails. Please send me one if there’s anything I didn’t cover!

Let's get started!

I'm ready when you are! Send an inquiry here.

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