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Your name says Settings CHRISTIAN Publishing, LLC. Do you only work for Christians?

No. Unless a project stands in complete, blatant opposition to our Statement of Faith, we’re willing to work on it. Christian themes are certainly an area of expertise as far as final editing and fact checking, but they are not necessary unless we’re publishing you.

Are you a Publisher?

Yes. On occasion, we will come across a work that would look great with our logo on the binding. See our submissions page for more info.

Who is working on my project?

You’ll deal directly with the Owner of Settings Christian Publishing, LLC. Her name is Rebekah, and she’s a published author who fell in love with book design. Read more about her here.

Where can I find my word count?

If you're using Microsoft Word for your manuscript, look in the bottom left hand corner of the window. Your total word count is there. You can also select text to find out word count in any section, and the count will show up there or you can find it on a right-click menu.



Are your prices negotiable?

Yes! Before work begins on the project, we can discuss a price that satisfies everyone. Simply decline the initial estimate and contact us.

Why does the quote form ask for a budget?

Our hope is to start with a price you can afford so that we can get started on it! You are not required to give us that info if you don't want to. We can write up an estimate without knowing your personal budget for the services.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes, we'll collect a 25% deposit after you accept the estimate. That way, we won't run out of coffee before your manuscript is beautiful, and everyone will be motivated to stay on schedule.


Did I read this estimate right? Why is your “Theology Check” price so low? You have to read an entire book!

Christian literature is fading as far as solid theology goes. That’s heartbreaking, and leaves a huge void for authors desperate to tell the truth to fill. If you’re writing a book that tells the truth to fill that void, we’ll thank you by reading it for next to nothing. If you pass the Theology check, we can probably also publish you for next to nothing. Check out the submissions page.



What if I’m not happy with the services I receive?

Your initial deposit is non-refundable. If you’re not happy with the services you receive, let’s work together to make it right. If we simply can’t come to an agreement, we won’t charge you for your remaining balance, provided you do not publish the finished product. If no issues are reported within 72 hours of receiving your completed project, we'll assume you are happy with our services, and payment is due. Thanks for understanding!

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