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Your name says Settings CHRISTIAN Publishing, LLC. Do you only publish Christians?

Generally, yes. Our Mission is to inject more truth into the world of Christian literature. If that isn't your mission, Settings probably isn't the best fit for your project. Take a look at our Submissions page and our Statement of Faith for more info.

Do you really expect me to have read the whole Bible for you to publish me?

Generally, yes. Here's one argument: We once had an author receive a three star review on Amazon in which the reviewer stated they had not read the entire book. They commented without having full knowledge of the material. That isn't really fair, is it? Being a Christian Author is the same. We are commentators on the greatest piece of literature ever written and the character of its Author. We need to give Him the honor of having read and studied the work so that we can be sure our writings are in line with it. Another argument is that if you have written a book that is tens or hundreds of thousands of words in length, you have been given a gift for language that will also afford you the ability to read the Bible. Most importantly, the word of God is our greatest treasure. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we can gain priceless wisdom from its pages/screen/audio version. It is worth the read!

Will you publish everyone?

No. We are a Hybrid publisher, not a self-publishing company. We only accept books we think will fit well with the Settings logo and vision.

So what is a hybrid publisher?

In our case, a hybrid publisher is an independent publisher with extremely selective taste, even though we charge for production costs up-front.  We ask you to make a relatively small investment in your book, and we'll do much more than a self-publishing company. We will also give you 90% of your royalties, which is unheard of for traditional publishing. 

What will you do for my book?

After your book has been selected, we begin with paperwork.  We sign contracts and fill out tax forms. Then we will edit and proofread your work, while retaining its integrity. We will send you a proof before publication. Our distribution is through Ingram and their partners, and is extensive. Bookstores will order at their discretion. We will provide a listing on our page. We'll send two mandatory copies of your book to the Library of congress, and send a few copies to you. Beyond that, we will help you with your title as long as it is listed with us.

Who is working on my project?

Settings Christian Publishing, LLC is owned by a Youth Pastor and his wife. You’ll deal directly with the latter: Rebekah. Read more about her here. Occasionally, we will contract out some of your project. 

Will I retain my rights and royalties?

Yes. 100% rights (This is your book. You should never ask permission to do with it what God wills) and 90% of royalties. Besides your initial production fee, and any books you order, there will not be other charges later.

Do you have any marketing services?

We will implement a few strategies during and after production, but it is largely up to the author to market a book, even in fully traditional publishing. We offer no guarantees for book sales.

In what countries do you operate?

We are located in Calhan, Colorado, USA. At this time, we can only publish authors eligible to work in the United States, and we can only ship books in the United States, though our distribution channels have a further reach.

How does hybrid publishing compare with other kinds of publishing?

Here is a table comparing three types of publishing.


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