Editing Services

My name is Rebekah, and I would love to edit your book. Read more about me here. I specialize in Christian fiction but can work with Christian non-fiction and other genres. I do things a bit differently when it comes to editing. In addition to keeping my rates at the low end of industry standards, I like to invest in your book from the first draft until publication. That means I will not stop at one editing pass unless that is all you need. After you explore the information below, scroll down and request an estimate using the form. I look forward to working with you!


*Rates valid through August 2021

** Word count is your manuscript pre-editing

Book Partner

Developmental to Proofreading

               Give me your completely unpolished draft with plot holes and inconsistencies. Let’s be partners. By the time we are done, it’ll be shimmering. We’ll start with the big picture and work our way down to minor typos. This will include as many editing passes as you need and unlimited emails for times you get stuck. It will take a lot of work and revising for both of us. Trust me, it'll be worth it.






Book Buddy

Copy/Line Edit to Proofreading

               If you’re confident about the story but would like for me to make sure everything makes sense from a grammatical standpoint, let’s be buddies. You’ll revise and then we’ll polish everything again.

Friend with a Red Pen

Proofreading Only

               You’re about to publish, but could use one last set of eyes to check for typos and minor errors. I’ll get out my virtual red pen and take a look. Keep in mind that if I feel like you could use more editing, I will probably tell you.

Expert Acquaintance


Beta Read/Manuscript evaluation

      There are a few reasons you might ask for a beta read:

  • You’re a first-time author and thinking of publishing but no one has ever read your work before. You could be sitting on a gold mine or need to rewrite the whole thing, but you have no idea.

  • You’re a seasoned author who is just plain stuck.

  • You don’t know what level of editing you need.


In any case, you’ll get a reader’s perspective, but with the added benefit of that reader actually being an author and editor.


Theology Check

               Because I specialize in Christian books, I also want to analyze your book from a Christian worldview. I have experience answering theological questions and discipling people through damaging beliefs. It is important that a Christian book actually speak Christian truth, regardless of whether it is fiction. I’ll do this for free, automatically, with any level of service unless you explicitly ask me not to. Take a look at our Statement of Faith for an overview of what I'll be looking for.

Services I DO NOT offer

  • Ghostwriting. I will offer suggestions and give direction, but your book should be in your voice. I will likely help you reword unclear sentences, but I will not write or rewrite significant portions of your manuscript.

  • “Sensitivity” Reading. If you came here from Editors of Color, it is because I am indeed a woman of color. But for various personal and professional reasons, I do not offer this kind of reading. However, if you ask me specific questions during developmental editing, I may answer them if I feel it will benefit your book.