"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."

Proverbs 25:11

Say it well.



If you believe a well designed, cleanly edited book is a thing of beauty, you're in the right place. Settings Christian Publishing, LLC is here to turn your manuscript into the masterpiece you already know it is.

You need to say it. We can help you say it well.



We offer full publishing to Christian Authors willing to tell the truth and market their book. 

We offer book design to anyone who needs to get their files in order for both print and digital formats.


Book Design Services

The following is a list of the services we offer. Fill out the form below for a free, zero obligation, zero spam-for-life estimate. 

We'll send you the estimate in the next 1-2 business days, and you can accept or decline instantly. Let's make your book amazing.

Theology Check*

     Primarily for Christian Authors, this is the service most dear to us. Settings Christian Publishing, LLC believes that there should be more truth in Christian literature, and that it should lead people to Christ. If you want your book to echo the heart of God as described in our Statement of Faith, we’ll give it a quick once-over to make sure it does.

Back Cover Copy

    The back cover description is perhaps the most daunting task for an author. Suddenly, when you’ve written hundreds of thousands of words, you must condense them into a few sentences that are supposed to turn a browser into a reader. No one knows this book like you do, and that’s exactly why someone else should write your back cover copy. 

Front Cover Design 

     It’s true. People judge books by their cover. We specialize in no-fuss, modern, clean covers that stand out among the clutter. This is for the front cover only, good for eBooks.

Full Cover Design

     Full cover design wraps around from front to back. If you're using these files to publish yourself, we will use a vector image for the spine. If you're publishing with us, it'll be our logo.

Interior Formatting (for digital) 

    This will include formatting your manuscript into a digital file that can be uploaded to the site you use for self-publishing. It will be a digital file in any and all formats you’ll need for an ebook (.docx, .pdf, MOBI, ePUB, etc.).

Interior Formatting (for print) 

     We’ll format your manuscript into a digital file that can be uploaded to the site you use for print-on-demand. Your printed book will have a professional touch that sets it above other self-published works.

Full Cover-to-Cover Design

     Hint: Requesting all or most of the services above becomes much more cost effective. A cover-to-cover request can be done with or without proofreading. There are a few variations, so this option isn't on the quote form. Please select each service you'll need.


     Because a beautifully designed book should also be free of typos, spelling errors and cringe-worthy "whoops"es, we'll look it over before we start our design process if you request this service. 

*If requested along with proofreading or a cover-to-cover design, a Theology check is always included in your price.

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